Why Evolve?

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So you’re looking for a Personal Trainer in Belfast?

Maybe you’re frustrated. You’ve tried countless diets, gyms and group classes with not much return. You’re stressed out. You feel out of shape, and you want to improve your fitness, for yourself, and the people around you.

At Evolve we focus on:

Your lifestyle, and what you want to achieve
What you like to do in the gym.
What you like to eat (you will still be able to eat it!).
Making a plan that fits around your life.

Coaching, Content, Community

This is what you get with Evolve:
Coaching – Simple effective coaching principles that give you realistic, sustainable fat loss results.
Content – Tonnes of content online to help you with training, teach you how to manage your food intake and overall nutrition, and educate you in how to keep yourself accountable, stay on track, and make long term changes to your lifestyle.
Community – Support and motivation from me, and from a growing but close knit community.

Plus You Get

Access to our online Member’s Lab packed full of tips, videos, and advice to educate you during your training.
Client-only Facebook group where we motivate each other and keep ourselves accountable.
Email support, even more help and guidance straight to your inbox
Online booking access, so you’re free to book in your sessions when they suit you.

And I promise...

You’ll be able to eat the foods you want, learn why you can, and know how to manage your nutrition.
I will keep you motivated, on track, and accountable, and you will be given all the tools and knowledge to help you do this for yourself.
You WILL see and feel the results, so long as you stay focused, and stick to the plan.

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