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Our Online Personal Training programme is 100% focussed on you. We don’t use any generic ‘one fits all’ workouts or basic restrictive nutrition plans.

With more than 12 years experience, we develop a brand new programme that fits around your life and will get you fitter, stronger and more confident, just like we’ve done for 100s of other people around Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

We work on your discipline, accountability and training to reach your short term goals, but also look further ahead to developing long term healthy habits and an exercise plan for sustainable fitness.

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Why Choose Evolve Online Personal Training
No time wasted in the gym  – A full training plan created from scratch just for you. Meaning you can really focus on the exercises, without having to think about how many reps to do, how many sets, rest time and what to do next. It’s all there for you so your in and out of your session faff free.
No Guesswork – how many calories do you have a day, protein, fibre? When do you eat? And what are the best sources of all the nutrients I need? All of these questions are answered for you. We will teach you how to eat better and help you form habits that you can keep forever. No starving yourself and no cutting out your favourite foods.
We Make it Easy for You – As well as training and nutrition, we give you all the tools, guides, checklists, video demos and constant support from a community keeping each other motivated, on track and accountable. So no matter where you are, you will never be doing this alone.
You will see results – Previous clients have seen some staggering changes. Just stick to the plan, hit your targets, stay consistent, and it will happen.

Evolve Online Personal Training starts from just £110 per month

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