Evolve For Life

Small Group Personal Training in Belfast

Change the way you Look Feel & Live for good.

Why Choose Evolve for Life?

Small groups of like-minded people mean more motivation, more support, more fun, and less cost.
45-minute sessions so your family time and social life don’t take the hit
Committed Personal Trainer and well structured sessions working on strength, shape and conditioning to maximise time in the studio.
Full nutrition plan so you can track what you need to and still eat the foods you love.
Be part of our community in the studio and online, with access to guides, training tips, checklists, video demos and loads more content meaning you are constantly supported.
Evolve for Life Class 1

Evolve For LIfe IS FOR YOU if

You want to fall back in love with your body.

You want to feel more confident and happy when you look in the mirror.

You understand and value accountability and professional coaching.

You want to be part of an inspiring focused community.

You're willing to give it everything.

Evolve For Life IS NOT FOR YOU if

You can't commit and see things through.

You think you've nothing to learn.

You're a drama queen.

You're looking for a quick fix

You aren't interested in helping others on their journey.

Evolve for Life Training Packages

Evolve for Life

6 Month Committment

£150 a month
  • Up to 4 Evolve For LIfe sessions a week. Choose from 35 slots.
  • 24/7 Studio access for total flexibility on additional training.
  • Nutrition plan, no dieting, no going hungry.
  • Tonnes of content, support and motivation with our online community.
  • Clean changing rooms, secure lockers, good showers, sauna, steam room and towels all provided.

Seriously good value at equivalent of just £5 a day.

Evolve For LIfe Rolling

£200 a month

All the benefits of Evolve For Life but with no commitment – pay month by month and once you’re ready you can sign up long term and save even more.

Think Small Group Personal Training is for you?

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