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Some nice words from people who are healthier, stronger and more confident thanks to Evolve.


“Try this fantastic Programme”
Evolve For Life Anna

“I would recommend the Evolve for life programme to anyone, its so worth it. If you are looking for a transformation on your body, have an outlook on diet, all while meeting new friends, try this fantastic program”.


“This has practically given me a new life”
Evolve For Life Barry

“Within the space of 12 months with Noel i have lost 78 pounds and 12 inches off my waist. This has practically given me a new life! If Noel had of said to me 12 months ago that we were going to achieve exactly this I would have paid ten times the amount to be honest.”


“I lost 30lbs in 3 months”
Evolve For Life Brendan

“I couldn’t fit into my old suit which was a big low for me, within only 3 months i lost 30 pounds and was able to wear it at my sons graduation day, thanks for everything Noel”


“Feels like an extended family…”
Evolve Eric Pic

“I have lost over a stone since I joined last year, good people great banter. No discrimination. Feels like an extended family who want the best for you.”


“…amazing new Evolve For Life programme”
Evolve For Life Justine

“I have been with Noel for a few years and I continue to see results. Each session requires hard work, but he makes the experience of going to the gym a lot more enjoyable, especially now with the amazing new Evolve For Life Programme!”


“I love being part of a group with the Evolve For LIfe programme”
Evolve For Life Christopher

“I couldn’t recommend Noel enough. I was already a half fit person but he took my strength & conditioning to another level, & his input was vital in helping me through 2 marathons for charity. I love being part of a group with the Evolve For Life Programme as it helps take me to new levels of motivation.”


“I feel encouraged and supported literally 24/7”
Evolve For Life Nicola

“In just 11 days of the Evolve For Life Program I am down 4 pounds! With Noel’s support I have also noticed a difference in my mindset and mental health. I feel encouraged and supported literally 24/7. He has opened my eyes with regards to eating and also educating me on nutrition, mindset and exercise.”


“Noel has been outstanding…”
Evolve For Life Nicky

“If anyone is looking to start a fitness journey or weight loss program then I recommend you speak with Noel. I hadn’t a clue where to start (and arguably still don’t) but Noel has been outstanding for the years I’ve been with him. There’s no better PT out there for giving you the support, guidance and motivation you need to achieve your goals”.


“Noel provides the right amount of coaching to get you results”
Evolve For Life Roisin

“Noel is very knowledgeable, good craic and best of all, provides the right amount of coaching to get you results all while leading an enjoyable lifestyle.”


“6 weeks of onine coaching…14lbs of fat off”
Evolve Online Paul

“End of my 6 week online coaching with Noel. 14 pounds of fat off, tough going but definitely worthwhile! Cheers Noel!”


“…give the online programme by Noel a go”
Evolve Online Catherine

“If anybody is in need of a lifestyle change with education on nutrition, training, supplements and even stress management from a certified online training coach, give the online programme by Noel a go!”


“I did the online coaching programme and loved every minute of it”
Evolve Online Amy

“I did the online coaching program and i loved every minute of it! I lost 13 pounds of body fat in 3 months and 3 inches off my waist. Knowing that i could work the plan around my schedule and not the other way round was a big factor for me, the flexibility side of things!”

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