Don't take our word for it, the results speak for themselves!

A big well done to my client Donna for reaching her personal target.

She managed to shred an amazing 29 pounds of body fat (just over 2 stone) this year. Donna joined up with me at the start of the year and with little to no experience in training we simply just focused on the basics for the first wee while before implementing habits into her lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable.

Massive result for my client Barry!

Barry has now dropped to 212 pounds, shredding an amazing 78 pounds of pure body fat and 12 inches off his waist! All in the space of 12 months!

Not only that, Barry has been educated to know how to keep it off with no rebound affect.

He is now feeling healthier, stronger and has loads more confidence!
Well done Barry, you’re an inspiration to everyone, including me!

“Within the space of 12 months with Noel i have lost 78 pounds and 12 inches off my waist. This has practically given me a new life! If Noel had of said to me 12 months ago that we were going to achieve exactly this I would have paid ten times the amount to be honest.”

Massive shout out to client Brendan for his huge achievement so far, losing a fantastic 30 pounds of body fat in just 3 months!

Brendan came to me 3 months ago and he would agree himself he needed to do something quickly about his health & lifestyle. He was 287 pounds (the danger zone of obesity & at serious health risk). He has a high pressure job and averaged approx 3k steps a day.

Since joining Evolve Brendan has now dropped 30 pounds of pure body fat as of today (13.6kg). He’s averaging around 20k steps a day with less stress on his heart and joints (although I’m telling him to reduce that to 15k)

He’s enjoying more delicious food than ever now (eating 2,700 cals/day) and being more creative and mindful of his shopping list. Well done Brendan!

“I could not fit into my old suit which was a big low for me, within only 3 months i lost 30 pounds and was able to wear it at my sons graduation day, thanks for everything Noel”

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